Language is the House We Live in

Nordic seminar on multilingualism 21.9.2017  8:30-16:00 Godsbanen Skovgaardsgade 3 Århus, Denmark  Language plays a central role in the Nordic collaboration. Good understanding of Nordic and Scandinavian languages promotes contact, sense of community and mobility between people in the Nordic countries. Yet, in the Nordic countries of today, many more languages are spoken and many people… Continue reading Language is the House We Live in

Stop the press! New literary category discovered in the Nordic region

Olli Löytty's comment presented at the publication of Ahmed Al-Nawas’s report “View of the Conditions of Arabic Literature in the Nordic Region” For a scholar working on a discipline called Finnish literature, that is to say on a field that does not traditionally even recognize the existence of Arabic literature in Finland, it is definitely… Continue reading Stop the press! New literary category discovered in the Nordic region

Nordic-Southern collaboration between indigenous language literatures

Roađđi – Rosa boreal at World Village festival The case of the poetry book Roađđi – Rosa boreal is a fresh example of international collaboration that offers interesting encounters between poetry in indigenous languages and widely spoken world languages. In the next World Village festival in a discussion called Valtakielten varjosta / Sámi literature travels… Continue reading Nordic-Southern collaboration between indigenous language literatures

Multilingual Nordic Region at Helsinki Book Fair

Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field presents two discussions at Helsinki Book Fair, both focusing on the possibilities and challenges of literary activity in non-dominant languages in the Nordic Region. On Saturday 29th the discussion Multilingual Nordic Region - Possibilities and Challenges brings together poets and publishers, who work in different non-dominant languages in… Continue reading Multilingual Nordic Region at Helsinki Book Fair

Multilingual expert database under construction

Workshop in Helsinki 15.9.2016. Photo: Outi Salonlahti How is it possible to support, evaluate or share the work of an author who writes in a language that is not widely spoken in the country? Which of the writers should get support for their writing or for translations? Which books should be included in the collections of multilingual libraries?… Continue reading Multilingual expert database under construction

Sivuvalo project is a platform of non-dominant language authors

Sivuvalo project has been working to create possibilities for multilingual writers in Finland since 2013. The project is coordinated by poets Roxana Crisólogo and Daniel Malpica (on the left in the photo). The Nordic networks of non-dominant writers constructed by Sivuvalo project extend to poets living in Sweden and Iceland. Ahmed Zaidan, behing on the… Continue reading Sivuvalo project is a platform of non-dominant language authors