Nordic-Southern collaboration between indigenous language literatures

Roađđi – Rosa boreal at World Village festival The case of the poetry book Roađđi – Rosa boreal is a fresh example of international collaboration that offers interesting encounters between poetry in indigenous languages and widely spoken world languages. In the next World Village festival in a discussion called Valtakielten varjosta / Sámi literature travels… Continue reading Nordic-Southern collaboration between indigenous language literatures

New visions for Arabic-Nordic literature

A roundtable discussion in Uppsala discussed Ahmed Al-Nawas's new report on Arabic-Nordic literary field Many displaced Arabic speaking activists, authors and artists have found residence in Nordic countries during the last decades. Literature produced in the Nordic region in Arabic has gained international interest and Arabic authors in the Nordic region have played a significant… Continue reading New visions for Arabic-Nordic literature

Encounters of language and poetry at Nordic Somali Festival

"A reading nation is a happy nation" was the theme of the seminar day on Friday 9/12/2016 at Pasila Library, organised as part of the Nordic Somali Week Festival of Helsinki. Poetry, literature and storytelling have been strongly present in the activities that diasporic Somali-speakers organize also in the Nordic region. Somali Book Fairs (Somalikirjamessut) have been organized in the city… Continue reading Encounters of language and poetry at Nordic Somali Festival

Multilingual Nordic Region at Helsinki Book Fair

Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field presents two discussions at Helsinki Book Fair, both focusing on the possibilities and challenges of literary activity in non-dominant languages in the Nordic Region. On Saturday 29th the discussion Multilingual Nordic Region - Possibilities and Challenges brings together poets and publishers, who work in different non-dominant languages in… Continue reading Multilingual Nordic Region at Helsinki Book Fair

Multilingual expert database under construction

Workshop in Helsinki 15.9.2016. Photo: Outi Salonlahti How is it possible to support, evaluate or share the work of an author who writes in a language that is not widely spoken in the country? Which of the writers should get support for their writing or for translations? Which books should be included in the collections of multilingual libraries?… Continue reading Multilingual expert database under construction

Non-dominant language literatures and equal opportunities; writers’ or readers’ needs?

Katarina Taikon (1932-1995) wrote books in Swedish for both adults and children and defended the rights of Romani community. After her times, language-specific support has contributed to the development of literature written in Romani language in Sweden. The state support structures of the Nordic Countries for literature written in minority languages vary considerably. How should the concept of equal opportunities be… Continue reading Non-dominant language literatures and equal opportunities; writers’ or readers’ needs?

The Finnish Critics’ Association adds multilingual skills to their register of members

  The Finnish Critics' Association (in Finnish Suomen arvostelijain liitto ry, SARV) is one of the expert organizations which will participate in constructing the database of multilingual literature experts by collecting information about the language expertise among their members and adding the language criteria to their register of members. The Finnish Critics' Association, SARV, is a professional association… Continue reading The Finnish Critics’ Association adds multilingual skills to their register of members

Project workshop at Kirjan Talo, Turku

Marja Mäenpää, coordinator of the former Runokohtauksia Project (Poetry Encounters / Attacks) had organized a project workshop for multilingual writers in Kirjan talo, Turku. In the project workshop, artist Ishmael Falke told about his experiences with grant applications. We talked about each writer's  plans and discussed together about different possibilities of sharing, getting translated and publishing the texts.… Continue reading Project workshop at Kirjan Talo, Turku

Project collaboration starts with FILI, Finnish Literature Abroad

FILI, Finnish Literature Abroad is the export organization of Finnish literature. Director Leena Majander, Communications Manager Silja Hakulinen and Coordinator Merja Aho from FILI received us, Rita Paqvalén and Outi Korhonen from the Project Multilingualism and Diversity as a REsource in the Cultural field, at their office. We thanked FILI for the previous contributions for the report… Continue reading Project collaboration starts with FILI, Finnish Literature Abroad

Sivuvalo project is a platform of non-dominant language authors

Sivuvalo project has been working to create possibilities for multilingual writers in Finland since 2013. The project is coordinated by poets Roxana Crisólogo and Daniel Malpica (on the left in the photo). The Nordic networks of non-dominant writers constructed by Sivuvalo project extend to poets living in Sweden and Iceland. Ahmed Zaidan, behing on the… Continue reading Sivuvalo project is a platform of non-dominant language authors