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expert database icons.pngThe Project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field is constructing a multilingual database of literature specialists for the needs of funding bodies, writers’ unions, publishing houses and other organizations that might need expertise for the evaluation purposes of literature written in non-dominant languages.  The need for this kind of a resource has been expressed by different organizations and actors of the literary field. The Nordic scale of the database permits to avoid too close connections between the evaluator and the writer whose text is being evaluated.

The collaboration related to this unit of the project involves several organizations of the literature field in the Nordic countries.

Organizations involved in the collaboration

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The expert database considers different types of expertise. For peer evaluation purposes, an author’s expertise is the most important. Sometimes other knowledge or skills related to the field are more relevant. In the inscription form you can specify your type of expertise. In this case, the languages are essential.

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Multilingual expert database under construction

Yle, Finnish National Radio, 20.9.2016 (in Finnish):
Suomalaisuuden aatetta ja monikielisyyttä. Kirjakerho, toim. Jani Tanskanen

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