Seminar about Sámi literature in Rovaniemi 19.4.2018

Seminar at 1-5 pm
+ evening program at 5 pm-7:20 pm
Rovaniemi City Library

Jorma Eton tie 6
96100 Rovaniemi
Streaming of the seminar:

How does the literary field in the various Sámi languages ​​look like? Where and how is Sámi literature and other forms of word-based art published? Who are the contemporary creators in Sámi languages? What new and old forms has language as an art form discovered, from storytelling and yoik to video art, rap and pop?

How could the Finnish and Nordic cultural organizations best support the vitality of Sami language and culture, and bring the Sámi culture more strongly into the common Nordic art and culture field?

Researcher and translator of Sámi literature Johanna Domokos has done for Culture for All a report on the present situation, opportunities and challenges of Sámi literature, in cooperation with the various actors in the Sami language literature. The report is part of the project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field, a subproject of Norden 2020.

The programme of the seminar includes also presentations and discussions with writers and other artists that work with word-related arts and a view of Sámi special library on the field.

Based on the report and the seminar we will do proposals of actions to Nordic organizations to promote the the Sámi literature. The seminar will be realized as a collaboration of Culture for All service and Sámi Special Library in Finland. Arts Promotion Centre / Regional artist on City-Sámi culture also supports the event. The languages of the event are English, Northern Sámi, Swedish and Finnish. All the programme will not necessarily be translated to all the languages. Welcome to contribute to the discussion!

The complete programme of the seminar will be published before the end of February.

The event is open to everyone and free of charge.


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