Culture for All starts to explore Nordic-Kurdish and Nordic-Somali literatures

The project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field continues with the language-specific literary field mappings focusing this time on literary activities in Kurdish languages and in Somali language. Both reports will be conducted during the year 2018 and presented in a publication seminar at the end of the year 2018. We will be thankful for help from different organizations and individuals from the Nordic countries in collecting information related to these themes. We look for information about writers, storytellers, script-writers, dramatists, publishers, translators and editors and activities related to reading and writing promotion in these languages in the Nordic Region.

The report about literary activities in Kurdish languages (mainly Kurmandzi and Sorani) will be conducted by Husein Muhammed and the report about Somali language by Outi Korhonen, under the guidance of a Somali-speaking expert (not yet confirmed).

We will publish more detailed information and distribute questionnaires related to the themes during February 2018. If you have special information to share, you can contact us already before that:

Nordic-Kurdish literary field: Husein Muhammed (at)
Nordic-Somali literary field: Outi Korhonen, outi.korhonen (at)