Multilingual Month calls for contributors

Does your organization work with or for multilingualism or do you organize activities in several languages? Do you work with groups of people that speak many different languages? Are you interested in increasing the language diversity at your workplace? Do you have ideas related to multilingualism that could be distributed to other Nordic countries?

Multilingual Month starts on February 21st, International Mother Language Day, and ends on March the 21st, World Poetry Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The idea is that between that time-frame, every year, different organizations from cultural centers to schools or companies, would consider in a special way the richness of languages in their activities.

We aim to share and learn from each others’ experiences

Multilingual Month has been celebrated in Finland as Satakielikuukausi (Month of a Hundred Languages Festival= Nightingale festival) since 2015. Satakielikuukausi has included different kinds of events like workshops, seminars, poetry readings, art events and simple multilingual gatherings like language cafés.

Multilingual Month continues the idea of sharing language related experiences, practices and experiments in a Nordic scale. Our aim is to find organizations and projects that have worked with these themes and that would like to share their experiences with others. The principal themes of Multilingual Month in 2018 will be

  • the reading and writing promotion and (art) education related to multilingualism and different languages, or speakers of different languages  and
  • activities and initiatives related to Sámi languages.

A blog curated by Helga West will focus on the contemporary uses of Sámi language.

The way of sharing can be

  • contacting us and telling about your ideas and methods of work, so we´ll add a description of your work, project or organization to the links section of the blog of Multilingual Month
  • agreeing about and writing a blog text to the blog of Multilingual Month, (the texts will be published twice a week between 21.2. and 21.3. and should be agreed in January)
  • telling about a language-related event that you are organizing during Multilingual Month (21.2.-21.3.). We´ll collect examples of events from the different Nordic countries to inspire other people who work or wish to work with language diversity, non-dominant languages or multilingualism

To be part of the promotion of Multilingual Month, please contact us (outi.korhonen (at) at the latest on January 15th. We´ll be very glad to receive pieces of information, links or ideas, even though there would not be time to edit it all to a finished format!

Why to participate?

The principal idea is the need of sharing the experiences in this  area of educational or artistic work. The information that we now collect about different actors’ work related to Multilingual Month, will be shown also in a report that gives an insight to Nordic multilingualism as seen from the project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Literary Field.

Thanks for your contributions!