Discussing Multilingualism at Turku Book Fair

Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the cultural Field organizes two discussions at Turku Book Fair

Monikielisyyden jatkumo suomalaisessa kirjallisuudessa
(The continuity of multilingualism in Finnish literature)
Saturday 7.10.
  at 5-6 pm
space: Jukola, Turku Book Fair

Language of the discussion: Finnish


Diasporic literary languages in Finland
Sunday 8.10. 1-1:40 pm
Space: Onerva hall, Turku Book Fair
Language of the discussion: English


The continuity of multilingualism in Finnish literature

First of the two discussions deals with the continuity of multilingualism in the Finnish literature. Though multilingualism and trans-nationalism are phenomena that have been present in the Finnish literature, literary institutions are still organized according to linguistic and national borders. Despite of the growing multilingualism, the perceptions of the Finnish literature are still rather monolingual, or in some cases bilingual.

Four literary scholars contribute from their different point of views, both from an historical and future-oriented perspective. The history of official bilingualism, the question of Sámi languages and new language horizon with many immigrant languages all create both possibilities and challenges. How could language diversity be better included in the Finnish literary field? The discussion is in Finnish.

Vuokko Hirvonen, professor, literary researcher
Heidi Grönstrand, literary researcher
Katri Talaskivi, literary researcher
Olli Löytty, literary researcher, moderator of the panel

Diasporic literary languages in Finland

In this discussion, we ask questions related to language-specific literary fields in diaspora, as seen and experienced in the Nordic countries. Each language communicates among different groups of possible speakers, readers and writers, creating bridges across the national borders. How are the literary fields, needs and possibilities from the point of view of Sámi, Kurdish, Arabic and Somali writers and readers in Finland? Each participant of the panel speaks about the situation from the point of view of their mother language. The discussion will be in English.


Ahmed Zaidan, poet and literary journalist (Arabic)
Husein Muhammed 
translator and lawyer (Kurdish languages)
Vuokko Hirvonen, professor (Sámi languages)
Abdishakur Ali, literary activist (Somali)

Outi Korhonen, moderator

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