The Finnish Critics’ Association adds multilingual skills to their register of members


The Finnish Critics’ Association (in Finnish Suomen arvostelijain liitto ry, SARV) is one of the expert organizations which will participate in constructing the database of multilingual literature experts by collecting information about the language expertise among their members and adding the language criteria to their register of members. The Finnish Critics’ Association, SARV, is a professional association of critics in different arts and artforms in Finland.

The inclusion of the language related information to SARV’s own register of members  helps to assure the permanence of this unit of the database of multilingual evaluators as SARV’s register is being continuously updated.

The collaboration  between SARV and Culture for All Service continues the work related to the promotion of multilingual literature, which started at the planning stage of the seminar Literature without Borders in Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki, 18.3.2016. In a meeting between SARV and Multilingualism sand Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural field (17/6/2016), other possible forms of promoting the writing and publishing of literary critiques about the works of non-dominant language authors were also discussed in a positive atmosphere.