Project workshop at Kirjan Talo, Turku

Marja Mäenpää, coordinator of the former Runokohtauksia Project (Poetry Encounters / Attacks) had organized a project workshop for multilingual writers in Kirjan talo, Turku. In the project workshop, artist Ishmael Falke told about his experiences with grant applications. We talked about each writer’s  plans and discussed together about different possibilities of sharing, getting translated and publishing the texts.

Of the present writers Ainhoa Gonzalez writes in Spanish, Chiman Karim in Kurdish,  Sadik Al Husseini in Arabic. Marja-Liisa Valtanen, also present at the workshop, worked as an interpreter between Arabic and Finnish when Timo Harju translated Hashim Matouq’s poems into Finnish from Arabic, with help of English. A designer from Thailand, Kannika Sukta, had a plan related to an exhibition.

Runokohtauksia (Poetry encounters / attacks) created an anthology of translations to Finnish of a collection of texts originally written by poets residing in the surroundings of Turku in 2015. The poets of the anthology are Chiman Karim, Nzaw Kwestani, Galina Inkeroinen, Andrei Karpin, Hashim Matouq, Sadik Al-Husseini, Ainhoa Gonzáles Llano, Diana Mistera, Shahla Ezadi and Abdi Abshir Dhoore, and original languages were Russian, Kurdish, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Persian and Somali. The translators are Finnish poets Esa HirvonenJuha KulmalaTimo HarjuTerhi HannulaTommi Parkko and Daniil Kozlov. In some cases a linguistic and cultural interpreter partcipated in the collaboration of the translation team. The interpreters were Marja-Liisa ValtanenLora KarimAli RabieeIrinja Karpina and Alas Ali. The editor of the anthology is Tommi Parkko.