Project collaboration starts with FILI, Finnish Literature Abroad

FILI, Finnish Literature Abroad is the export organization of Finnish literature. Director Leena Majander, Communications Manager Silja Hakulinen and Coordinator Merja Aho from FILI received us, Rita Paqvalén and Outi Korhonen from the Project Multilingualism and Diversity as a REsource in the Cultural field, at their office. We thanked FILI for the previous contributions for the report Wandering Words, comparisons of non-dominant language writers in Nordic institutions, FILI’s good will in finding ways to support the multilingualism of different types and their active participation in the seminar Literature Without Borders.

To begin the discussion about collaboration we explained the aims of the project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field, mainly the construction of a Nordic archive of multilingual literature experts. We asked whether one of the specialists of Fili could join the steering group of the project and discussed how can we collaborate in a way that would contribute to both the project’s and Fili’s aims.

The difference between the two main searching engines of translators of Finnish literature was also clarified for us. Kääntöpiiri, Virtual community for translators of Finnish literature maintained by FILI, presents translators from Finnish to other languages whereas SKTL, The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters, presents their members, mainly translators from other languages to Finnish.

Leena Majander promised to discuss our invitation in their next board meeting.
Later we got a glad news: Silja Hakulinen will join the steering group of the project and will be the contact person of FILI towards the project. Welcome!