Sivuvalo project is a platform of non-dominant language authors

Sivuvalo project has been working to create possibilities for multilingual writers in Finland since 2013. The project is coordinated by poets Roxana Crisólogo and Daniel Malpica (on the left in the photo). The Nordic networks of non-dominant writers constructed by Sivuvalo project extend to poets living in Sweden and Iceland.

Ahmed Zaidan, behing on the right, a poet and jounalist from Mosul, actually residing in Turku, visited the coordinators of Sivuvalo Project. He used to host a series of poetry programmes before leaving Iraq. Now he plans to continue the work here among the Arabic speaking poets. Kirjan talo (House of Book) an association that promotes literary expression, is interested in hosting the project. Kirjan talo is located in Turku in a house also called Kirjan talo, with premises for several organizations related to art and literature promotion, events and publishing. Ahmed Al-Nawas from Culture for All Service (in front, on the right) is doing a case study on Arabic speaking literature. We agreed to continue the discussions related to the collaboration.

The collaboration between Sivuvalo and Culture for All will continue in the project Multilingualism and Diversity as Resource in the cultural field. Roxana Crisólogo accepted to represent Sivuvalo in the steering group of Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field. Welcome, Roxana, and thanks!